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Drone Services

RQ Drone

Along with our extensive range of drilling services, Roddy Qualls Environmental Drilling also offers regular and thermal drone imagery and video.  Licensed through the FAA and undoubtedly one of the only contractors that can meet your HAZWOPER, safety, and insurance requirements. 


Our team of expert remote pilots have the skills to accomplish your needs using top of the line FLIR cameras and UAV equipment and we can rapidly identify hidden damage to your residential or commercial property and/or find your emission issue.  Our UAV equipment allows us to view and inspect a wide array of objects and areas in a safe and efficient matter, and reduces liability for you and your clients.

How this applies to your business:

  • Large Site Visits

  • Multi-Story Building Inspections

  • Oil/Gas Emissions, Facilities, and Pipelines

  • Roof Inspections

  • Firefighting & Emergency Response

  • Natural Disaster Response

  • Lost Family Member or Pet

  • Power Line Inspections

  • Agricultural Fields (Water Retention)

  • Construction Sites

  • Large Industrial Sites

Oil/Gas Thermal
Oil/Gas Normal
Commercial Thermal
Commercial Regular
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